Adventures in Session Zero!

Return from Hiatus Session Zero
  • Two of three players arrived
  • Social Contract was introduced.
  • Players were given the floor to bring up any previous issues, there were none.
  • GM brought up the following issues:
  1. Persistent tardiness has not been a recurring issue.
  2. Texting during the game has been borderline and needed to be limited to prevent breaks in immersion.
  3. Creating new characters while a game is in play has become an issue and shows player non-investment in the game.
  4. Teamwork has been problematic as has party cohesion.
  • The idea of breaks at the top of the hour was brought up and needs to be implemented.
  • The “Same Page” document was introduced and the following notes were taken:
  1. Good play is not a win/lose thing.
  2. Player characters are expected to work together, though conflicts do happen.
  3. The GM’s role is to prep a series of events in a linear or branching pattern and to provide hints for direction.
  4. The Player’s role is to follow the GM’s lead to fit the story, but their characters should have goals and pursue them.
  5. Doing the smartest thing for your character’s survival sometimes isn’t as important as other choices.
  6. The GM’s role to the rules is to ignore them when they conflict with what would be good for the story.
  7. If a player chooses to have their character side with the “enemy” that character becomes an NPC under the GM’s control as soon as possible, unless the situation was specifically planned ahead including a path of redemption.
  8. Players have agency to inquire about and describe the locations of minor objects fitting to a scene when they are not specifically placed during scene set up. Randomization may be used to determine likelyhood.
  9. Everyone should know the rules and setting well, and be capable of completing character generation for a character that fits the setting on their own.
  • It is clear the players have asked for a primarily linear game with scattered branching opportunities, and that the story should trump the rules.
  • Various campaign settings were discussed:
  1. Homebrewed settings of Urrth, Ruathawaul and Bloheron
  2. Completely randomized unique encounter based playing with various card decks and tables
  3. The complete library of published 5e settings.
  • The Tyranny of Dragons/Hoard of the Dragon Queen setting was chosen.
  • Character generation began and the GM put away the unnecessary materials.
  • After a brief review of the material the GM began story telling and integrating the characters’ backstories.
  • A map was displayed of the town and a spoiler cameo was also shown.
  • Play began and pressuring tactics were implemented to create the feel of urgency needed for the setting.

Here ends the Session Zero for the Tyranny of Dragons campaign.


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